School fears (Snippets 2)

william renick“Snippets” is a series of extracts from long-forgotten books that deserve to be remembered.  In some cases some accompanying  information will be necessary.  Sometimes, as per this entry, the quote speaks for itself.  The following is taken from Memoirs, Correspondence & Reminiscences by William Renick, published c. 1880 by Union-Herald Book and Job Printing House:

When I was about five years old my father, who had a year or two previously quit merchandising, removed to the hill in the immediate vicinity of the town, where he had erected a commodious stone house. This locality, being quite a retired one, increased my already very diffident and bashful disposition. My new home being nearly a mile from the school house, I was not sent to school until I was near seven years old. I dreaded the day when I would have to start; the mere mention of my going to school greatly worried me.

I well remember the trouble my father had to get me to school for the first time. He took me on horseback. I endeavored all the way to jump off and escape, but he held on to me and fairly dragged me to the school room door and requested the teacher to lock the door and take the key, which he did. The teacher was very kind and attentive to me, so much so, indeed, that he did not go home to dinner, as was his usual custom, fearing I would run off. The next day I was less disinclined to go, and within a week after it would have required a positive prohibition to have kept me at home. Only a short time thereafter my mother told me I must not go to school on a certain day, because “it was too rainy and bad, and there was no one to take me.” I watched my opportunity and gave her the slip, and off’ I went through the rain and mud ; but as a consequence, I had to go without lunch that day.

For context, the first school trip being described would have probably taken place in the year 1811, the author having been born in 1804.

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