Board Game Tour of Britain (4)

100_5505We have a mission: to follow the route of an old 1940s board game around Great Britain, sticking to the instructions as closely as we possibly can. Along the way we will look at the history of the places we visit, with a particular focus on how things have changed since the tour was created around 70 years ago.

In the last post we looked at a list of all the locations on the board. But there is more to this tour than that, because the game comes with instructions, so there are some very specific things we need to do at each location. So here is a detailed rundown of each location we need to visit, in the correct order, with everything we need to achieve at each location, the exact wording of the instructions, plus the mileage covered.

No. 1 London

Instructions: ‘The capital city of Great Britain.’

To do here: Visit the Houses of Parliament, as illustrated.

No. 2 Dover

Instructions: ‘You have just travelled via part of the great Roman highway, Watling Street. Remain here looking at the coast of France through a telescope until you throw a six.’

Mileage: 76

Running Total: 76

To do here: Travel via Watling Street. Look at France through a telescope. Throw a 6.

Illustration: Beachy Head

Mileage: 72

Running Total: 148

No. 7 Portsmouth

Instructions: ‘Miss one turn whilst you look over Nelson’s ship “Victory”.’

Mileage: 72

Running Total: 220

To do here: Visit the HMS Victory.  Visit the Portsmouth Dockyards, as illustrated.

No. 8 Salisbury

Instructions: ‘Visit the Cathedral and from the spire admire the view of the river Avon and the old town. Take a trip to the ancient temple of Stonehenge, then have another turn.’

Mileage: 72

Running Total: 292

To do here: Visit Stonehenge (en route to Salisbury).  Visit the Cathedral.  View the river Avon and the old town from the spire (?!)

No. 9 Bournemouth

Instructions: ‘Miss a turn whilst you take a sea trip round the Isle of Wight.’

Mileage: 30 (not including Isle of Wight trip)

Running Total: 322

To do here: Take a sea trip around the Isle of Wight.

No. 13 Exeter

Instructions: ‘Visit the ancient Cathedral and Guildhall, then take another turn.’

Mileage: 86

Running Total 408

To do here: Visit the Catheral.  Visit the Guildhall.

No. 16 Plymouth

Instructions: ‘Here Drake played his famous game of bowls. In 1620 the Mayflower set sail for New England. Raleigh, Drake and Captain Cook all sailed from Plymouth on their voyages of exploration. Go on to the first space, past St. Ives.’

Mileage: 45

Running Total: 453

To do here: Visit the Hoe, as illustrated.

No. 19 Penzance

Instructions: ‘Miss two turns whilst you go by steamer to visit the Scilly Isles.’

Mileage: 78 (not including Scilly Isles trip)

Running Total: 531

To do here: Visit the Scilly Isles (by steamer)

No. 20 St. Ives

Instructions: ‘Buy some pictures painted here then take another turn.’

Mileage: 9

Running Total: 540

To do here: Buy some pictures painted in St Ives.

No. 26 Wells

Instructions: ‘Visit Britain’s oldest known cavern, Wookey Hole, then pay a visit to Cheddar Gorge. You lose your way in the caves. Throw six before getting away.’

Mileage: 173

Running Total: 713

To do here: Visit Wookey Hole.  Visit Cheddar Gorge.  Get lost in the caves.  Throw a 6.

No. 31 Oxford

Instructions: ‘Explore the many architectural masterpieces of this Cathedral city and University town, then go on four spaces.’

Mileage: 95

Running Total: 808

To do here: Explore the “architectural masterpieces”.

No. 36 Gloucester

Instructions: ‘Visit the Cathedral, then take another turn.’

Mileage: 48

Running Total: 856

To do here: Visit the Cathedral.

No. 41 Pembroke

Instructions: ‘Miss a turn whilst you sketch Pembroke Castle.’

Mileage: 153

Running Total: 1009

To do here: Sketch Pembroke Castle.

No. 45 Carnarvon

Instructions: ‘Look round the castle then pay a visit to the summit of Snowdon. Take another turn.’

Mileage: 151

Running Total: 1160

To do here: Visit Carnarvon Castle.  Visit the summit of Mount Snowdon.

No. 47 Menai Bridge

Instructions: ‘Miss a turn whilst you admire Telford’s suspension bridge and Stevenson’s tubular bridge leading to Anglesey.’

Mileage: 8

Running Total: 1168

To do here: Visit Telford’s Suspension Bridge.  Visit Stephenson’s Menai Bridge.

No. 48 Holyhead

Instructions: ‘in the Isle of Anglesey. Make a tour of the docks and then take another throw.’

Mileage: 22

Running Total: 1190

To do here: Tour the docks.

No. 52 Crewe

Instructions: ‘Don’t change here, have another turn.’

Mileage: 108

Running Total: 1298

To do here: Get out as soon as possible.

Illustration: Edale Derbyshire

Mileage: 40

Running Total: 1338

No. 55 Blackpool

Instructions: ‘Miss a turn whilst you visit the Pleasure Beach, Tower and Winter Gardens.’

Mileage: 78

Running Total: 1416

To do here: Visit Blackpool Pleasure Beach.  Visit Blackpool Tower.  Visit the Winter Gardens.

No. 59 Leeds

Instructions: ‘Make an escorted tour of one of the cloth mills before taking another turn.’

Mileage: 85

Running Total: 1501

To do here: Take a guided tour of a cloth mill.

No. 62 Windermere

Instructions: ‘Miss a turn whilst you tour the Lake District.’

Mileage: 79 (not including the “tour”)

Running Total: 1580

To do here: Tour the Lake District.

No. 64 Carlisle

Instructions: ‘Have another turn and you will be across the Border.’

Mileage: 44

Running Total: 1624

To do here: Cross the border.  Visit Hadrian’s Wall (as illustrated)

No. 65 Gretna Green

Instructions: ‘Miss a turn whilst you visit the famous Forge, scene of many elopement marriages.’

Mileage: 10

Running Total: 1634

To do here: Visit The Forge.

No. 67 Motherwell

Instructions: ‘Stay here for a game of golf on the Wishaw course and then return to 62 Windermere.’

Mileage: 72

Running Total: 1706

To do here: Play golf on Wishaw Golf Course.  Go back to Windermere.

No. 70 Ayr

Instructions: ‘Miss a turn whilst you visit the Brig o’Doon and the Tam o’Shanter Inn of Robert Burns fame.’

Mileage: 49

Running Total: 1755

To do here: Visit the Brig o’Doon.  Visit the Tam o’Shanter Inn.

No. 72 Glasgow

Instructions: ‘Enjoy yourself seeing the sights and go forward to Inverness.’

Mileage: 39

Running Total: 1794

To do here: See the “sights”.

Illustration:  Loch Lomond

Mileage: 33

Running Total: 1827

Illustration:  Loch Oich

Mileage: 100

Running Total: 1927

Illustration:  Loch Ness

Mileage: 26

Running Total: 1953

No. 76 Inverness

Instructions: ‘The capital of the Highlands. You must throw six before you can tear yourself away from the lochs and mountains.’

Mileage: 14

Running Total: 1967

To do here: Throw a 6.

No. 82 Aberdeen

Instructions: ‘Explore the banks of the Dee, visit Balmoral Castle, then take another turn.’

Mileage: 104

Running Total: 2071

To do here: Explore the banks of the River Dee.  Visit Balmoral Castle.

No. 84 Forth Bridge

Instructions: ‘Miss a turn whilst you wonder how long it takes to paint this wonderful structure.’

Mileage: 119

Running Total: 2190

To do here: Think about how long it takes to paint the bridge.

No. 85 Edinburgh

Instructions: ‘(‘Auld Reekie’) Just enjoy yourself wandering round this capital so full of fine views, buildings, monuments, then take another turn.’

Mileage: 9

Running Total: 2199

To do here: Visit Sir Walter Scott’s Monument (as illustrated). Wander around the city.

No. 88 Durham

Instructions: ‘Visit the magnificently situated Cathedral and High Force, the waterfall on the river Tees. Throw a one before leaving here.’

Mileage: 139

Running Total: 2338

To do here: Visit Durham Cathedral. View Durham Cathedral Sanctuary Knocker (as illustrated). Visit High Force on the river Tees. Throw a 1.

No. 92 York

Instructions: ‘Have another turn after visiting York Minster and walking around the old City Walls which command such a good view.’

Mileage: 77

Running Total: 2415

To do here: Visit York Minster. Visit the old city walls.

No. 96 Sheffield

Instructions: ‘City of Steel. Buy yourself a new penknife “Made in Sheffield”. That will cost you one turn.’

Mileage: 60

Running Total: 2475

To do here: Buy a penknife made in Sheffield.

No. 100 Birmingham

Instructions: ‘The home of the famous “Chad Valley” Toys. Take a trip to the factories at Harborne to see how toys in cardboard, wood and plastic are manufactured. Take another turn.’

Mileage: 91

Running Total: 2566

To do here: Visit the Chad Valley factory at Harborne.  See how cardboard, wood and plastic toys are made.

No. 103 Stratford

Instructions: ‘Miss a turn to visit Shakespeare’s birthplace and Memorial Theatre on the banks of the Avon.’

Mileage: 39

Running Total: 2605

To do here: Visit Shakespeare’s birthplace. Visit the Memorial Theatre.

No. 106 Peterborough

Instructions: ‘Have another turn after visiting the Cathedral.’

Mileage: 87

Running Total: 2692

To do here: Visit Peterborough Cathedral.

No. 110 Great Yarmouth

Instructions: ‘Miss a turn to wander round the docks, and go for a steamer trip on the Broads.’

Mileage: 99

Running Total: 2791

To do here: Wander around the docks. Take a steamer trip on the Broads.

No. 113 Cambridge

Instructions: ‘Another beautiful University town. Take a conducted tour of the colleges, but you must now throw exactly two to land you back once more in London.’

Mileage: 83

Running Total: 2874

To do here: Take a guided tour of the colleges. Throw a 2.

Finish Line Houses of Parliament

Mileage: 66

Total mileage: 2940

In the next post we start our tour!

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9 Responses to Board Game Tour of Britain (4)

  1. ms6282 says:

    Touring the docks at Holyhead won’t be very exciting (just sailed from there yesterday!) and I doubt you’ll find a working “cloth mill” left in Leeds to tour. S game clearly reflects it’s bygone age. But otherwise looks like an interesting trip!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, some of the instructions will be challenging to say the least! Where there is really no option and something simply does not exist any more, we will at least try to visit the right location and see how things have changed. Thanks for your comment!


  2. Fun to read! I’m amazed at how many of the sites I’ve managed to visit myself over many years of traveling, although I’m American. I must be a true Anglophile. Safe travels!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I sometimes think tourists from abroad see more of this country than we do ourselves, but Britain has some magnificent sites to visit. Part of the problem over the years is that it has often been cheaper to have a week abroad somewhere than a week’s accommodation in Britain, a problem that still persists to a certain extent.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. That’s a pretty comprehensive tour, but odd that visiting a cathedral gets you an extra turn everywhere bur Durham!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Amy Parmeter says:

    A brilliant idea! Best of luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Terry says:

    Thanks, this will be my next trip to England.

    Liked by 1 person

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