Mishap on a Train

Quick Quotes 10. The following is taken from Charles Marriott’s A Spanish Holiday (1908), and takes place on a train journey from Toledo to Madrid.

It must have been here that we were joined by a Civil Guard, more approachable than his fellows, who accepted a cigarette and told me many things about his corps; their life, duties, and number — which last I have forgotten, though it surprised me at the time. I fancy that he presently feared that he had been too communicative, or perhaps I bored him, for when I settled myself in my corner with closed eyes he very quietly picked up his rifle and moved to the compartment at the other end of the carriage. A smell of burning mingled with my dreams, which were cut short by a yell from James. He had dropped off to sleep with a lighted cigarette in his fingers, and the result was devout thankfulness that he had brought a second pair of trousers, and that circumstances permitted a change en route.

“Quick Quotes” are some bonus content for the blog. Each time I find an interesting or amusing little quote from and old (verging on forgotten) book, that does not really need any further explanation or background information, it will appear on Windows into History under this heading. You can keep updated each time I post a new entry by clicking on the follow button on the right of the screen. I welcome any comments or suggestions, and will consider guest posts.


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