President vs Queen

Quick Quotes 16. The following is taken from Max O’Rell’s Jonathan and his Continent (1889):

Upon the strength of a six months’ sojourn in America, one would hardly attempt to deliver a verdict on the political system of the country.

I think, however, that it may safely be affirmed that the English are a freer people than the Americans; that the constitutional — I had almost said republican — monarchy of England is preferable to the authoritative democracy of America.

The American Constitution was copied from that of the England of 1776, and the President of the United States was invested with a power about equal to that of George III. Since that date the English have advanced, but the Americans have not. Now, in these cases, not to advance is to go back. The English of the year of grace 1888 would soon give their queen notice to quit, if she took it into her head to ask for power equal to that possessed by the President of the United States: it would take less time, perhaps, than the Americans would need to get rid of a troublesome President.

“Quick Quotes” are some bonus content for the blog. Each time I find an interesting or amusing little quote from and old (verging on forgotten) book, that does not really need any further explanation or background information, it will appear on Windows into History under this heading. You can keep updated each time I post a new entry by clicking on the follow button on the right of the screen. I welcome any comments or suggestions, and will consider guest posts.


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2 Responses to President vs Queen

  1. That’s interesting! To think England is ‘free-er’ than the U.S. 🤣
    Great post!

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    • Thanks! Yes, I think our monarch has been little more than there for decoration for a very long time. This is why those who want to get rid of the monarchy miss the point so spectacularly – the Queen has zero power so doesn’t affect anybody’s life in that way, but is great for tourism, generating far more for the economy than it costs to have a monarchy.


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