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Surviving a Snow Storm

Snippets 132.  In 1815 George Head, the assistant commissary-general of the commissariat of the 3rd division of the Spanish army, undertook a journey across North America, snappily titled Forest Scenes and Incidents in the Wilds of North America, Being a … Continue reading

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The Super Tornado

Snippets 131.  On 21st August 1883, exactly 134 years ago today, an F5 tornado hit Rochester, Minnesota. F5 is the most severe level of the Fujita scale, described as causing “incredible damage”. Although this is an estimate, as weather observation … Continue reading

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Tip us your Daddle

Snippets 130. Francis Grose (1731-1791) was a noted antiquarian who wrote a series of books about medieval antiquities. Financial difficulties inspired him to branch out into other areas of writing, and in 1785 his A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar … Continue reading

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A Long Journey

Snippets 129.  On at the moment (a blog which I manage but do not write) you will find an article about Percy Escott North, who had an adventurous life of travel and befriended Buffalo Bill Cody.   To tie … Continue reading

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