Buried Secrets

chapelCreepy History 29. It’s October, and that means Creepy History month on Windows into History again! This week we are looking at some quotes from A Relation of Apparitions of Spirits in the County of Monmouth and the Principality of Wales, by Rev Edmund Jones, published in 1813.

Walter Watkins, of the Neuath, in the Parish of Landdetty, a man of virtue, sense, and learning, gave me the following notable relation of an Apparition, as follows:

That on going one night towards Tafe Fechan Chapel, not far from his house, he saw a light near the said Chapel; it increased till it was as big as a Church Tower, and decreased again until it became as small as a star, and then it would increase to the former largeness, doing so several times; at which he wondered very much, but felt no fear. He went to the house to fetch his father and mother to see it, and they all saw it in the same manner, to their great astonishment. Sometime after as a neighbour was ploughing a field, near the Chapel, the plough stopped against a large flat stone, which the ploughers rose up, and behold there was a stone chest, and in it was the jaw-bone of a man, and an empty earthen jug; it was supposed to have been some person murdered, but by whom it could not be known; but shall be known in eternity. However, upon this discovery, it was remembered by some, that a man named Philip Watkins, living at the said Neuath, was suddenly lost and never heard of after.

His wife married again, thinking he certainly must be dead, or pretending to think so.

Some time after this woman asking a wandering sort of man, who used to be between the two houses, what news from Neuath? he jocosely said, Philip Watkins was come home, and was well.  This affected her so much that she fell sick and died. It was in vain for the man to say afterwards that it was not true, and that he only jested. If she was sorry for having married again, it shewed a tender conscience; otherwise it looked like extreme guilt: there is a mystery in it which must be left undecided this side of eternity, which all things which have been done on earth shall be known; according to our Saviour’s saying, Luke xii. 2. “For there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed, neither hid that shall not be known; in the day when the secrets of men shall be revealed”.

After this the light was no more seen near the Chapel, though often seen before. The Spirits of men appear like light, because they are knowing beings, properly resembled by light.

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