Premonition of Murder

houseCreepy History 43.  It’s October, and that means Creepy History month on Windows into History again! The following quote is taken from News from the Invisible World, a collection of anecdotes published in 1840.

Monday, April 2, 1781, I was informed by a person in an eminent station, of a very uncommon incident.

He had occasion to correct, with a few stripes, a lad that lived with him at Rochester, which he resented so as to leave his place. But some time after he seemed to repent, humbled himself, and was received again. — He now behaved in a most becoming manner, and was doubly diligent in his service.

But his mistress dreamed one night, that this lad was going to cut her throat. And she had a twin sister, between whom and her there is so strange a sympathy, that if either of them is ill, or particularly affected at any time, the other is so likewise. This sister wrote to her, from another part of the kingdom, that she had dreamed the very same thing. She carried this letter to her father, a gentleman that lives not far off, and was surprised to hear that he likewise on the same night, had a dream to the same effect.

The lad had been observed to come up about noon, into his lady’s apartment, with a case knife in his hand; and being asked, why he did so? he said he was going into the adjoining noom, to scrape the dirt off from his master’s embroidered clothes.

His master now took the lad aside, and examined him strictly. Alter denying it for a considerable time, it was at length extorted from him, “That he had always remembered, with indignation, his master’s severity to him: and that he had fully resolved to be revenged: but in what particidar manner he would not confess.” On this he was totally dismissed without delay.

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