The Death of a Duke

coach horse 2Creepy History 44.  It’s October, and that means Creepy History month on Windows into History again! The following quote is taken from News from the Invisible World, a collection of anecdotes published in 1840.

An Account of the First Duke of Queensbury:

A youngman perfectly well acquainted with the Duke (probably one of those he had formerly banished,) being now a sailor and in foreign countries, while the ship was upon the coast of Naples or Sicily, near one of the burning mountains, one day they espied a coach and six, all in black, going towards the mountain with great velocity; when it came past them, they were so near that they could perceive the dimensions and features of one that sat in it. The young man said to the rest, “If I could believe my own eyes, or if I ever saw one like another, I would say, that is the Duke.” In an instant they heard an audible voice echo from the mouth, “Open to the Duke of Queensbury;” upon which the coach, now near the mount vanished. The young man took pen and paper, and marked down the month, day, and hour of the apparition; and upon his return, found it exactly answer the day and hour the Duke died.

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