The Ghost that Followed

Creepy History 46.  It’s October, and that means Creepy History month on Windows into History again! In the last Creepy History, we looked at a quote from News from the Invisible World, a collection of anecdotes published in 1840, which related the account of a haunting that caused the residents of a house to move.  Unfortunately that did not solve their problem…

A month after their removing to this house, Ann was suddenly surprised, as she lay in bed, by a stroke given to the bed side. About a week alter this, as she lay awake in bed with her husband at midnight, she saw at the further end of the room a square light, and in the middle of it, the appearance of a man’s head as white as chalk. She awoke her husband, who saw it likewise. Four days after, she heard, at one o’clock in the morning a noise like the report of a large gun behind her; upon which she got up and stirred the fire, but could see nothing: she then returned to her bed, but had scarcely laid down, when, to her surprise, she saw standing by the bed side an appearance, dressed in a surplice and white wig. She said, “in the name of God the Father, &c., why do you trouble me?” He answered, “meet me at one o’clock, and I will tell you what I want;” and then vanished away. No more noise was heard that night, but the next morning there were two heavy strokes given behind the bed; soon after, her husband got up and went to his work. He had not been gone long, when she felt a heavy pressure, which was accompanied with a loud noise like the report of a large cannon; after this, all was hushed for some minutes, and then there was a shaking in the room, like the wind shaking a tree; the apparition then appeared at the bed’s foot, like a man in his working dress, and passing on slowly disappeared…

The hauntings continued to escalate until the occupants decided to move house for a second time, which also failed to solve the problem. Strange things were still happening up until the point at which the writer of the article “took down this account”, so what became of those unfortunate people remains a mystery.

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