Children’s Christmas Letters

santaChristmas History 28.  In January 1910 the Iowa Homestead published some letters from children, all writing about how they had spent their Christmas.  Be prepared to go “awww”.

This is Christmas Day, and I cannot get out and I thought I would drop you a few lines to let you know that I am well. I go to school in the second room and in the seventh grade. I am twelve years old and a cripple, and can’t walk, and my sister takes me to school. This is a very blustery day here in southeastern Iowa. It is blowing and drifting the snow. I had a hard time to get to the barn to feed my colt which my papa gave me. I attend to it when it is so I can and I have a few pet chickens to attend to. It has been very cold and then I have to keep them shut up all through the snow; they like to be out, but I can’t let them, for they will freeze their feet off. Well, I think Santa Claus had a very bad night for getting along last night, but he came all right, for he fetched me a suit of clothes which I was needing and he fetched my older brother a pair of fur gloves. Well, as this is my first letter I will close by wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous new year.

It was the 23rd of December and there was to be a program and a Christmas tree at the hall in this town. We went and the program was fine and the tree was lighted up beautifully, and then came a delightful time when the presents were taken off and given to the people. As we went out to go home each child was given a sack of candy. The next day we were hustling around getting ready for the next day, which was Christmas Day. That night we hung up our stockings in hopes that good old Santa might not forget to crawl in our chimney, and he did come, too. I got for presents, a pair of scissors, ribbon, a dress and other things; too many to mention. Then we just got the house straightened up and our breakfast eaten when a lot of company came for dinner. We had roast goose, dressing, potatoes, jam, Christmas cake, pie, apples, oranges and nuts. After dinner was all over we young folks went for a sleigh ride; we went three miles away from home and then we came back and popped corn and ate nuts. Then as it was growing dark the company departed for home. After we had eaten our supper we went to bed, thus ending our Christmas Day.

I will write you a letter about how I spent my Christmas. I went to my sister’s. My papa, mamma, sisters and brother were there. We had a good time. She had two geese, oranges, and other things. She had a big dinner ready for us. We all stayed for supper and then came home to spend the evening. We had music and games, and all enjoyed the Christmas. I am under fifteen years of age, my birthday is the 12th of July.

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  1. M.B. Henry says:

    This article combines two of my favorite things- histories of Christmas, and my home state of Iowa! Great post.

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