Children’s Christmas Letters 4

old christmasChristmas History 31.  Recently on Windows into History we have been looking at some letters from children published in a January 1910 edition of the Iowa Homestead, writing about how they spent their Christmas.  The following is another selection:

I am a girl thirteen years of age, but I always love to talk about Christmas and have it come, because it is always a pleasure for us children. Christmas eve I took part in an entertainment given by our Sunday-school. We had a Christmas tree and we all enjoyed it very much, especially when Santa Claus made his appearance. What a pleasure it was to see the little tots gather around him. We were invited to grandpa’s for Christmas dinner. Grandpa lives in town now. They used to live in the country near us. So you can guess that grandma knows how to get up a good, old-fashioned dinner. Her turkey and plum pudding was delicious, and the many other good things too numerous to mention. We spent the day in playing games, music, snowballing and sleigh riding. Before I knew it the day was almost gone, and it was time to go home. I was sorry that Christmas day was nearly gone. Oh, I forgot to mention that Santa was good to me. He brought me many nice things and among them was a pair of skates, I liked best. I also helped mamma fix up a basket for two little children whose mamma has been sick for a long time and was not able to prepare them a Christmas. Of all my enjoyment I believe this pleased me the most. How glad it made their little hearts. And I wished that I might do more for the needy ones.

I am a farmer’s daughter and live on a large farm. I arose early Christmas morning wondering if good old Santa Claus had left anything in my stockings which I had hung up beneath the chimney with the greatest of care the night before. I ran downstairs laughing and dancing with joy. Running to the chimney corner I saw before me the once empty stockings overflowing with beautiful and useful gifts. By this time mamma came into the room and told me that company was expected for dinner and that I must carefully lay aside my gifts and prepare for them. I obeyed and soon I was dressed ready for the company. Suddenly we heard a knock at the door and I ran calling to mamma that the company had arrived. After they had been quietly seated in the parlor, mother excused herself to prepare dinner and left me to entertain the company. This I enjoyed very much, as they all knew how hard it was for a little girl to talk or say much among so many grown-up people. About two o’clock mother came to the door and invited us out to dinner. Oh! my, I was hungry, but papa and sister told me that I must wait until the company had had dinner. Could I ever stand it? The smell of the roasting turkey and the delicious looking table made my appetite increase more rapidly. Mother saw that it was a great temptation for her little girl to wait so long, so she gave me a piece of cake and I went in the other room and quietly waited. It was not long until they all came in. After dinner the older ones played games and some of the girls played on the organ and they had singing while I took the little girls and boys and we went out of doors to coast and snowball. We had great fun rolling and running around in the snow. About five o’clock the company prepared to leave, saying they had enjoyed themselves very much during the day and hoped that we might be together next Christmas to have as good a time.


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  1. Mary says:

    What a lovely Christmas! It’s still the kind of holiday we wish for isn’t it!

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