Bald head? Use some beef.

hairSnippets 149.  In 1903 a book of useful household advice was published in Australia, How to Make and Save Money.  Some of the advice might not have stood the test of time, so it is probably best to read the following in the spirit of historical curiosity.  If you are really looking for a hair restorative, etc, look elsewhere!

Hair Restorative — A tea made by pouring one pint of boiling water on two teaspoonfuls of dried rosemary leaves, with a wineglassful of rum added, is excellent.

Hands, to Soften — Before going to bed take a large pair of old gloves and spread mutton tallow inside, also all over the hands. Wear the gloves all night, and in the morning wash the hands with olive oil and white pastile soap.

To perfume the Breath — Extract of liquorice three ounces, oil of cloves one and a half drachms, oil of cinnamon fifteen drops. Mix and divide into one grain pills, and silver them.

Snow White Teeth —Take one part chloride of lime and fifteen parts prepared chalk, adding half an ounce of pulverized Peruvian bark and a few drops of otto of roses. Use it thoroughly morning and evening.

A Rapid Hair Promoter —Beef marrow soaked in several waters, melted and strained, half-a-pound ; tincture of cantharides (made by soaking for a week one drachm of powdered cantharides in one ounce of proof spirit) one ounce; oil of bergamot, twelve drops.

How to Grow a Moustache — Tincture of benzoin compound, two drachms ; tincture of Spanish flies, two drachms ; castor oil, six ounces ; oil bergamot, one drachm; oil of verbena, fifteen drops; strong alcohol, nine ounces. Circulation should be stimulated first by friction with a rough towel. Apply mornings and evenings.

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