A Real Ghost and a Fake Ghost

The Village Church, by Benjamin Williams Leader, 1894.

Creepy History 51.   For today’s “creepy history” let’s take a look at two different quotes about ghostly visitors, both taken from newspaper articles.  The first is from the Edinburgh Evening News, Friday 22nd December 1876, and concerns an alleged haunting during a church service.

The Western Morning News reports a strange incident at the village of Kingston, Devon. While the choir was engaged practising for the Christmas services, a distant door opened, and through the dimly-lighted church a figure, draped in white, slowly stalked the aisle and mounted the pulpit. No one challenged the visitor, and the alleged apparition slowly retraced its steps, vanishing at the same door. The terrified choir fled in dismay. Some assert that in the ghost they recognised the features of a deceased popular minister. Next day one member at least required medical aid.

The second quote is from Leeds Mercury, Wednesday 16th October 1912.  In contrast, the ghostly visitor reported here was not quite what it seemed at first to be.

Peter Fitzgerald, a London surgeon, was awakened at half-past two in the morning by a sound of scratching in his bedroom. He looked round his room, in which a small light was burning, and noticed what at first appeared to be a heap of clothes moving across the bedroom floor.

The moving heap slowly and cautiously approached the bed side and Mr. Fitzgerald saw his trousers dragged from the bed foot on to the floor. He struck at the heap of clothing, knocked off something, and uncovered a human head, which he recognised that of a youth in his employment.

The youth was charged at Old-street Police-court yesterday with stealing £1 16s from the surgeon’s pockets, and was committed to the Sessions.

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    I’ll be passing this on to Jan, that’s for sure!


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