The Doppelganger Ghost

GhostCreepy History 61.  Happy Halloween, and welcome to another October of “creepy histories” on Windows into History.  The following quote is from the Lakes Herald, 15th March 1895, and references a book by Thomas Thistleton-Dyer, which we will be looking at in more detail over the next couple of weeks:

Some curious stories have been unearthed by T. F. Thistleton-Dyer and incorporated in his “Strange Pages from Family Papers.” In his chapter on apparitions he tells what is called a true story of an apparition which appeared to Robert Percival, son of the Right Hon. Sir John Percival, when reading for the law in his chambers in Lincoln’s Inn. We are told in the sequel that the young man was found dead, but how he died was a secret never divulged. “The clock had just struck the hour of midnight, when, on looking up from his book, he was astonished to see a figure standing between himself and the door, completely muffled up in a long cloak so as to defy recognition. ‘Who are you?’ But the figure made no answer. ‘What do you want?’ No reply. The figure stood motionless. Thinking it made a low hollow laugh, the young student struck at the intruder with his sword, but the weapon met with no resistance and not a single drop of blood stained it. This was amazing, and still no answer. Determined to solve the mystery of this strange being, he cast aside its cloak, when lo! he saw his own apparition, bloody and ghostly, whereat he was so astonished that he immediately swooned away, but, recovering, he saw the spectre depart.”

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