Letters to Santa, 1898

santaChristmas History 43.  In the 19th Century it took a while for news from America to filter through to the British press, especially when it was of an anecdotal nature.  The following Christmas article didn’t find its way into the Whitby Gazette until 3rd February 1899, and could be found copied in other papers later the same year, even as late as July, by which time people were surely not feeling the Christmas spirit!

Perhaps among the millions of letters written during the year there are none to whom the performance is such an unmixed joy as these little correspondents of old Santa Claus. Here are one or two curious little letters written by children on the other side of the Atlantic to their old friend:

“Dear Santa Claus, – l would like to have a very large doll, and a machine and a dolls bed, and please bring a tree, please have the doll in white clothes and I would like to have pillows and blankets and sheets. – Your little friend, Elsie Mills.”

“Dear Santa Claus, – l want big doll, with blue eyes and pretty hair, and 1 want some candy, please. 1 want a Christmas tree. And bring papa and mamma something, and please remember the poor little girls to, and bring the baby and George something and 1 am eight years old and I live in Market Street. Good By. From Helen Varll.”

“Mr. Santycaus. Dear Sir, – Will you come to me and my little sister we like to play? Please send us dolls and everything nice and we will thank you if you will come. We are to little girls. We will not be very afraid of you if you do not look at us much. Be sure and come my little sister and I will look for you every day. Your little girls.”

We will have some more Christmas letters to Santa from a different newspaper article on Monday.

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