To Santa Claus, on the Moon

santamoonChristmas History 44.  The following article is from the Blackburn Standard, from 31st December 1898:

A correspondent has obtained copies of some of the letters addressed to “Santa Claus” which find their way to the Dead Letter Office, and are destroyed. This is a comprehensive request:

Dear Santa Claus, – I want a horse with a big tail and a big mane, and eyes and nose and mouth, and a bridle and saddle. ABC book and a crain, and a horn and a cowboy doll, a little waggon, and a tule box and some nails and a milk wagon and some candy, apples oranges, bananas.

A fair number of these little notes are pathetic enough. For instance, the following:

Dear Santa Claus, – I am 9 years old. My popa has gone, and my mama has no money, so please Santa bring me and my baby sister some candy for Christmus.

I hope you won’t forget me when Christmas comes because I havn’t no mother, and papa hasent got no work, so please I would like a nice doll like other girls has got, and please Santa don’t forget little Beatrice, she would like a dollie carriage, and I guess that is all. I remain a good girl. Good-by.

These are the addresses of some of the letters : –

“Dear Santa Claus City”; “Mr. Santa Claus, North Pole”; “Send this to Dear Sandy Klosse; he lives in the moone”; “Mr Santa Claus, in the Arctic Regions”; “Leave at town nearest the North Pole, and give to Santa Claus as he passes”; “Mr Santa Claus, Snow Mountain”; “Mr. Santa Claus, North Land, USA”; “To Santa Claus, Santaclausville, Don’t forget me”; “Santa Claus, a Hundred Skies High”; “Santa Claus, Rock Candy Castle, Fairyland”; Santa Claus, care of the Polar Bear, USA”; “Santa Claus, Up in the Clouds”; “Mr Santa Claus, Jerusalem Gate”; “Santa Claus, on the housetop”; “Santa Claus, on the Roof.”

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