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Love, Honour and Obey?

Max of the Month 2.  When reading non-fiction books from the 19th Century, one finds no shortage of great writers who have now been largely forgotten. However, occasionally a writer comes to light whose work is so entertaining, and who … Continue reading

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The Looby with a Malmsey Nose

Snippets 195.  Francis Grose (1731-1791) was a noted antiquarian who wrote a series of books about medieval antiquities. Financial difficulties inspired him to branch out into other areas of writing, and in 1785 his A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar … Continue reading

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The Girl Who Struck Gold

Quick Quotes 24.  The following quote is from Recollections of Tartar Steppes and their Inhabitants, by Lucy Atkinson, published in 1863: Since our arrival here, there has been a number of balls and parties: we were just in time for … Continue reading

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Watch out for Lizards!

Snippets 192.  In 1900 American writer Laura G Collins published a collection of letters from her various travels around Europe, titled By-gone Tourist Days: Letters of Travel.  Although many of them are relatively dry descriptions of tourist destinations, at times she … Continue reading

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Not Worth Stealing

Quick Quotes 23.  John Muir (1838-1914) was a celebrated naturalist known as “John of the Mountains”, a key figure in the push for the establishment of National Parks in the USA.  The following quote is taken from his account of … Continue reading

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Flirtation: an English Pastime

Max of the Month 1.  I have often quoted from the works of Max O’Rell over the last few years, one of my favourite travel writers from the 19th Century, now virtually forgotten.  His books are so packed with fascinating … Continue reading

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A pony, or some bricks for a church?

Snippets 191.  The following quote is taken from Notes of a Nomad, by Canadian author Lady Harriet Julia Jephson, published just over a hundred years ago in 1918.  For the most part it is a journal of her travels, but it … Continue reading

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