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Mob Justice

Snippets 121. Attitudes towards women, and their treatment by men, has been the source of concern and debate throughout history. The quote below illustrates how travel writer Max O’Rell felt that America was quite progressive in this respect at the … Continue reading

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Don’t Mention Legs!

Snippets 120. Regular readers will know that I often quote from Max O’Rell, one of my favourite authors who deserved to be celebrated and remembered far more than he is. The following is from Jonathan and His Continent (1889), a … Continue reading

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Shrieking Engines

Pick of Punch 11. This area of the blog offers a selection of interesting quotes from Punch magazine. The following is from 10th March 1866, and is an excerpt from a report on the week in Parliament, concerning the dangers … Continue reading

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The Swallow Mystery

Snippets 111. William Hone is a name that should be remembered, and part of my remit for this blog is to bring the works of writers such as Hone to a wider audience by selecting some interesting quotes from their … Continue reading

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A Moral Dilemma

Snippets 84. In the previous post we looked at a quote from The British Apollo, which illustrated the “agony aunt” question and answer format of the short-lived publication (more information below). The following quote concerns a moral dilemma which could … Continue reading

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The Rogue Tram Conductor

Snippets 65. Charles Marriott (1869-1957) was a writer of fiction with five novels to his name by the time he travelled to Spain and wrote about his experiences there in 1908. A Spanish Holiday is a travel journal detailing his … Continue reading

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Journals 13.2 – Reminiscences of an Idler (Part 2)

This is the continuation of my article on Henry Wikoff’s journal. For the previous part, please see the entry posted on 7th March 2016. Wikoff’s first exploration of London was an eye-opener for him, with everything on such a grand … Continue reading

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