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The Post-War Christmas

Christmas History 38. Christmas 1918 was a time for thanksgiving, relief and perhaps taking stock, because the Great War had come to an end. Kaiser Wilhelm had abdicated on 9th November, and Germany had signed an armistice on 11th November. However, … Continue reading

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The Clog Almanac

Snippets 164.  An early form of calendar used in England, amongst other countries, was the “clog almanac”.  It was described in detail in The Book of Days (1864) by Robert Chambers, one of the great pioneers of the trivia book.  … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving, 1833

Snippets 140.  I am not particularly qualified to write about Thanksgiving, as it is really not a thing in Britain at all, but I did find the following quote in The Western Monthly Magazine, 1833, written by a Mrs Hentz.  … Continue reading

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The Rumour-monger

Snippets 139.  In 1854 the American Rev. George Foxcroft Haskins went on a tour of Europe and one of the highlights of his trip was an extended stay in Rome.  Although he had a wonderful time there, he was disappointed … Continue reading

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The Vampire Legend

Creepy History 33.  It’s October, and that means Creepy History month on Windows into History again!  The following quote is from a June 1830 edition of The Gentleman’s Magazine.  The article, titled Religion in Moldavia and Wallachia explores the vampire … Continue reading

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Tender Memories

Quick Quotes 6. The following is taken from William Howitt’s A Country Book: for the field, the forest, and the fireside (1859): But if the days of June are now warm, and brilliant, and beautiful, ah! how soft and beautiful … Continue reading

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Snippets 100! Hope in Darkness.

For this 100th Snippet, let’s take a look further back in time than we generally do on Windows into History, and go right back to the year 100, when Marcus Cornelius Fronto was born. Not the most celebrated Roman writer … Continue reading

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