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Trees on the Moon

Snippets 102.  One of the very earliest works of what we would now term “science fiction” was the Comical History of the States and Empires of the Moon, by Cyrano de Bergerac (yes, he was a real person, not just … Continue reading

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The Fake Shipwreck (Snippets 44)

In 1831 an exciting account of a shipwreck was published by ‘editor’ Miss Jane Porter.  The only survivors were a husband and wife and their dog, who survived by a lucky set of circumstances: One of the men said we … Continue reading

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H. G. Wells, Wimblehurst and an Orange Pip (Ramblings 3)

H. G. Wells must surely be the most famous ex-pupil of a Midhurst school, although he only moved into the area at the age of 14. However, Midhurst proved sufficiently memorable for Wells to use it as the inspiration for … Continue reading

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An alien visitor in 1803 (Snippets 14)

Between November 1803 and January 1804, 24 issues of a twice-weekly magazine were published under the title The Man in the Moon.  They were collected together in a single volume, published in 1804.  The online scan of the book from … Continue reading

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