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Home Dentistry with Acid and String

Snippets 168.  In 1903 a book of useful household advice was published in Australia, How to Make and Save Money.  These kinds of books are always interesting to look at to see how things have changed, and often the advice … Continue reading

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Soup, soup and soup please.

Snippets 147.  On October 22nd 1881 the first ever issue of Tit-Bits was published, with a simple aim of extracting all the best quotes from other newspapers, magazines and books.  It was successful enough to run for over a hundred … Continue reading

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Rubbing Furniture with Eels

Snippets 94. For the last couple of snippets we have been looking at The New British Jewel, or Complete Housewife’s Best Companion, published in 1788, a collection of recipes and other practical information. We will return to this book in … Continue reading

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Dandyfunk and Slumgullion (Guest Post 9)

The following guest post article has been kindly contributed by Geoffrey A. Pocock, author of Outrider of Empire: The Life and Adventures of Roger Pocock (University of Alberta Press) and One Hundred Years of the Legion of Frontiersmen (currently out … Continue reading

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