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The First Private Asylum

Snippets 117. Exactly two hundred years ago today, the first ever private mental health hospital in the USA was opened, in Philadelphia, The Asylum for the Relief of Persons Deprived of the Use of Their Reason. According to Robert Waln, … Continue reading

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The Swallow Mystery

Snippets 111. William Hone is a name that should be remembered, and part of my remit for this blog is to bring the works of writers such as Hone to a wider audience by selecting some interesting quotes from their … Continue reading

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A Lesson in Life

Snippets 109.  Colley Cibber (1671-1757) is a name that will be unfamiliar to many today, but in his day he was very well known as a playwright. Unfortunately, despite being Poet Laureate, his reputation was for being a particularly bad … Continue reading

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Glorious Murmurations

Ramblings 5.  We are blessed to live in a rural area, where a countryside walk is never far away.  With winter upon us it is tempting to shut ourselves away from the cold, assuming that nature has no wonders for … Continue reading

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A Dream Come True

Creepy History 25. For the last couple of “Creepy History” articles we have been looking at the supernatural experiences of Bayard Taylor. They are merely a footnote in the life of this prolific traveller and adventurer, collected together in a … Continue reading

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Spirits in the Sky

Creepy History 22. Bayard Taylor was a successful American poet, who used his earnings from his poetry to fund travels in Europe in the late 1840s. He wrote about his experiences, and his articles were published in the Tribune, the … Continue reading

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Snippets 100! Hope in Darkness.

For this 100th Snippet, let’s take a look further back in time than we generally do on Windows into History, and go right back to the year 100, when Marcus Cornelius Fronto was born. Not the most celebrated Roman writer … Continue reading

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