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Caesar’s Short Skirt

Snippets 189. An early name for a film camera was a “bioscope”, and the name was chosen for a film journal during the silent era of film, published in London. It ran from 1908 to 1932. The Bioscope was aimed at … Continue reading

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New Year Across the Pond

Snippets 177. One hundred and fifty years ago, at the dawn of the year 1869, the British papers were all full of reports of new year celebrations.  The local papers tended to recount meetings in church halls with speeches delivered … Continue reading

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A Page of Nonsense (Christmas History 15)

The Illustrated London News ran a special Christmas issue on 24th December 1864.  It contained mostly short stories, but there was also “A Page of Nonsense for Christmas”, included for children.  The aim was clearly to give the children something … Continue reading

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