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The Shame of Being a Poet

Snippets 143.  Last week we looked at a quote from the opening to the memoirs of Christian Johann Heinrich Heine, a German lyric poet, whose words were set to music by composers including Franz Schubert and Robert Schumann.   There is … Continue reading

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Glorious Murmurations

Ramblings 5.  We are blessed to live in a rural area, where a countryside walk is never far away.  With winter upon us it is tempting to shut ourselves away from the cold, assuming that nature has no wonders for … Continue reading

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The Field Mouse

Snippets 99.  In the previous Snippet we looked at a quote from Richard Le Gallienne’s Travels in England. The book is dedicated to William Sharp, with the following poem: Will, you have travelled far and wide On many a foreign … Continue reading

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The Fall of the Leaf

Snippets 96. Thomas Bewick (1753-1828) is best know for his A History of British Birds, with its detailed engravings. He could perhaps be credited as the creator of the field guide. In 1820 he branched out into illustrating poetry with … Continue reading

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Heigh-O! For the Christmas-Tide (Christmas History 13)

Heigh-O! For the Christmas-Tide is an illustrated children’s poetry book, written by Annie C. McQueen, and published in 1887.  She wrote several poems for children, generally centred around events such as Christmas, Easter and birthdays, published by Hard & Parsons.  … Continue reading

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Drunken Barnaby (Snippets 32)

Some time during the early 17th Century, poet Richard Braithwait wrote Drunken Barnaby’s Four Journeys to the North of England, in Latin poetry.  The original edition is undated but the frontispiece by William Marshall  dates the book to probably somewhere … Continue reading

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Katie’s Pick of Punch 3

Pick of Punch is a series of selected quotes from old Punch magazines, chosen by guest blogger and Punch enthusiast Katie Marriott. The year after the “Great Stink” in London, work had begun on a sewerage system, but would not … Continue reading

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