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Inland Sandcastles

Snippets 152.  In 1845 Victoria Park opened in London, and soon became a popular place for the working people of the East End of London to relax and enjoy playing games.  For many of the local children it would have … Continue reading

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How to dress a child in 1904

Quick Quotes 19.  The following quote is taken from On the Healthy Home Life of School Children, by Professor Dr. Leo Burgerstein, published in English in 1904 and translated from the original German text by R.T. Williamson. The clothing should … Continue reading

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Dreams of Childhood

Quick Quotes 15. The following is taken from Thomas Rees’s Sixty Days in Europe and What We Saw There (1908): In childhood we live in the fancy of anticipation and we long for the time to come when we will … Continue reading

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Pennies for the Poor (Christmas History 17)

Mary Howitt (1799-1888) is best remembered nowadays for her poem The Spider and the Fly, with that memorable first line, “Will you walk into my parlour? said the Spider to the Fly.”  She also wrote many books, some co-authored with … Continue reading

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