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Versailles Train Crash

Snippets 116.  Exactly 175 years ago today a tragic rail accident occurred between Versailles and Paris, on 8th May 1842. A locomotive broke an axle and derailed, causing the carriages behind to crash into it and catch fire. Astonishingly, it … Continue reading

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Painted Babies

Pick of Punch 10. This area of the blog offers a selection of entertaining quotes from Punch magazine. The following is from 3rd March 1866. In Paris the fine ladies not merely smear themselves with rouge, but make their babies … Continue reading

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Victor Hugo, Devoted Grandfather

Snippets 90. John Swinton was a popular journalist, who was chief editor of the New York Times during the 1860s. In 1883 he launched John Swinton’s Paper, an influential publication campaigning for the rights of workers in America. His views … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Nun

Snippets 79. The following snippet, although abridged, is a longer quote than I normally include here, but is such an interesting and heart-rending story that it is well worth a read. It is taken from an 1891 edition of Strand … Continue reading

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An Easter Snippet

Happy Easter from Windows into History!  The following quote is taken from A Country Book: for the field, the forest, and the fireside by William Howitt, published in 1859.  You can find other quotes from this book in Snippets 38 … Continue reading

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The Opportunistic Emperor (Snippets 56)

In 1835 an Autobiography of an Irish Traveller was published anonymously, although the author reveals his identity during the course of the book as Walter Brabazon, from Cork. He met many interesting people during his travels, but one of his … Continue reading

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Journals 10.2 – Loiterings in Europe by John Corson (Part 2)

This is the second part of my article on Corson’s journal.  For the first part please see the entry posted on 4th January 2016. Travelling around France involved the use of a ‘diligence’, a sturdy design of stagecoach, designed to … Continue reading

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