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Versailles Train Crash

Snippets 116.  Exactly 175 years ago today a tragic rail accident occurred between Versailles and Paris, on 8th May 1842. A locomotive broke an axle and derailed, causing the carriages behind to crash into it and catch fire. Astonishingly, it … Continue reading

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Shrieking Engines

Pick of Punch 11. This area of the blog offers a selection of interesting quotes from Punch magazine. The following is from 10th March 1866, and is an excerpt from a report on the week in Parliament, concerning the dangers … Continue reading

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The Rollercoaster Train in Spain (Snippets 36)

Charles Marriott (1869-1957) was a writer of fiction who became an art critic for the Times.  In 1908 he wrote A Spanish Holiday, a travel journal detailing his experiences travelling with a friend around Spain.  In the following quote, he … Continue reading

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Journals 6.1 – Excursion to Scotland, 1832 (Part 1)

The website archive.org brings together collections of scanned books from universities, etc. It is a fantastic resource, and includes some unpublished manuscripts. One such manuscript, from the University of Toronto, is titled Excursion to Scotland, 1832. The author is unknown. … Continue reading

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Journals 4.3 – Men and Manners by Grant Thorburn (Part 3)

This is the third part of my article on Grant Thorburn’s journal.  For the first and second parts please see the earlier entries from 1st July and 5th July 2015. Next on the agenda for Thorburn was an investigation into … Continue reading

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