A Christmas Message

old christmasChristmas History 40.  December is upon us once again, so that means we turn our attentions to Christmas past on Windows into History.  The following words of wisdom are from the Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette, 9th December 1869:

Holidays, games and pies make Christmas merry to the young; but it is in later life, when we are tired of Christmas games, when we are made sad by Christmas gatherings, despondent by Christmas bills, and dyspeptic by Christmas fare, that we really understand why so much enthusiasm is got up every year about the matter, both connected with and apart from the deep religious gratitude which commemorates the birth of Christ. There is a fascination in the Festival derived from contrast and from hope. The year, having tried all forms of life, having been gay and then sober, seems finally to do penance in a white sheet. The earth, having been so fruitful and active, now sleeps passive and silent, letting men plough long furrows in her breast, as the December winds rock her in her sleep. But at this blank time of the world men find pleasure: for this sleep is not unto death, but unto more work and always more life. It is fitting then that Christians should celebrate at such a time the birthday of the Christian year.

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