Too Much Rum

Quick Quotes 3. The following is taken from George Head’s Forest Scenes and Incidents in the Wilds of North America (1829):

Two country fellows came into the inn while I was eating, and placed themselves at a small table in a corner of the same room. They called for rum, which was given them in a vinegar cruet. Glasses were brought, and then, each passing the back of his hand across a mighty useful set of teeth, hobbed and nobbed the other; and, repeating the ceremony, their little bottle was empty. Cramming their large paws into their breeches’ pockets, the girl of the house was called to a committee of finance, and, at their request, replenished the cruet. This second dose made them sneeze a little, but it was despatched in as short a time as the first. The water now stood in both their eyes. They paid for the rum; hardly a word was expended in conversation, and about five minutes of time had elapsed, when they were out of the house, and again on their way.

“Quick Quotes” are some bonus content for the blog. Each time I find an interesting or amusing little quote from and old (verging on forgotten) book, that does not really need any further explanation or background information, it will appear on Windows into History under this heading. You can keep updated each time I post a new entry by clicking on the follow button on the right of the screen. I welcome any comments or suggestions, and will consider guest posts.

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